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Avotone removes wrinkles without injections

Avotone (Formerly Avotox)

Anti-Aging Anti-Wrinkle Muscle Relaxant Cream

Avotone has good news for women who want to have firmer, younger looking skin. Avotone is the non-prescription, injection-free face-lift alternative for the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Now you can enjoy the benefits of an anti-aging and an anti-wrinkle properties in the same product!

The proprietary formula of Avotone naturally relaxes the muscles of the face using advanced peptides and can dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, without injections.

Women who have added Avotone to their skin care regimen have reported amazing improvements in the appearance of their skin, including fewer fine lines and wrinkles, improved skin elasticity and an overall younger appearance. Avotone may help you avoid the expense and danger of cosmetic surgery.

Avotone Anti-Wrinkle Cream

Avotone Anti-Wrinkle Cream helps you fight your wrinkles. Most wrinkles are commonly caused by excessive exposure to the sun and the natural aging process. But many fine lines and ridges, particularly crows feet, are caused by repeated contraction of your facial muscles that pull on your skin. Avotone may be an ideal treatment for temporary elimination of "muscle-induced" wrinkles.

When applied to the skin of the neck and face the advanced peptides in Avotone help to naturally relax the muscles of the face. As the muscle relaxes, your skin flattens, reducing the appearance of the wrinkles. While you may see results within hours, it can take 14 to 25 days for the effects to noticably take hold.

While each application of Avotone is temporary, you can apply Avotone as a daily treatment. In fact while the effects of of most cosmetic injections fade in three to six months. Avotone may be used in combination with other cosmetic procedures, including most cosmetic injections, to lengthen their effects.

Unlike cosmetic injections, Avotone may be used anywhere on the skin of the face. But the most common sites are the lines between your eyebrows, squint lines around the corners of your eyes (crows feet) and the horizontal lines on your forehead.

With so many wrinkle creams on the market today it can be hard to find the best choice for natural skin care. By taking advantage of ourspecial offer you can find out for yourself how the peptides in Avotone can help with wrinkle reduction.

How Avotone Helps You

To understand what Avotone can do for you, it is first important to understand what it cannot do. Avotone will not immobilize the muscles of your face, only relax them and is not for use in treating any medical condition. But if you are looking for an anti wrinkle cream that can dramatically improve the look of your skin without cosmetic surgery, Avotone just may be the answer.

Natural Wrinkle Reduction

The active ingredients in Avotone, are: Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline), has been proven to reduce the depth of the wrinkles in the face caused by the contraction of the muscles by facial expression, especially around the eyes and the forehead. By relaxing these muscles Avotone can be an effective alternative to cosmetic surgery and injections without painful side effects.

The proprietary formulation of Avotone uses a 10% solution of Acetyl Hexapeptide-3(Argirelinea) along with advanced collagen builders and natural avocado oil moisturizers to both reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and give you what our customers feel is the best anti wrinkle cream on the market.

Everyday we hear news of the dangers of cosmetic surgery. Avotone also helps to prevent aging of the skin induced by repeated facial movements. This can help to slow the aging process and help to give you what once customer calls "a non-surgical face lift".

Avotone Works For Men

Avotone can help that man in your life too since cosmetic procedures are becoming more popular among men. Roughly 15 percent of all cosmetics procedures are done on men. In fact according to the American Society of Plastic Surgery, 966,821 men had some type of cosmetic procedure last year.

Avotone not only works for men, it often works better for men than women since most men don't take proper care of their skin. The proprietary blend of natural avocado moisturizing agents and powerful Aceytl Hexapeptide-3 works to smooth the lines and wrinkles of your face making you look healthier, younger and more attractive.

It's a fact, women notice men's skin. Avotone can dramatically improve the look and feel of your skin. Try Avotone men skin care today and find out how much better your skin can look.

Avotone Success Stories

The following are just a few of the many testimonials by customers who have used Avotone muscle relaxant cream.

Avotone Customer Testimonials

"I noticed a difference in my skin the first morning after using Avotone, within a few weeks my girlfriend asked if I had a face lift"

Josey Mendez, CA.

I am a "soon to be" 50 year old woman, who started using the Avotone product a few weeks ago. I was absolutely amazed to see such outstanding results!!! The Avotone product allows me to happily look in the mirror and view a more youthful looking me! Avotone wrinkle cream gets rave reviews in my book.

Robin W. age 49

"I use Avotone anti-wrinkle cream every night before I go to sleep. After only a week of use I saw results and now, 3 months later, I can't imagine using anything else"

Laura Fox, FL.

Just wanting to let you know how much I love your Avotone product. Yes I was skeptical because everyone promises great results. I do take care of my skin and I am always looking for products that my skin will tolerate. I am highly allergic and don't like heavy or oily products that give my skin a shiny or oily appearance. I do however like to look refreshed and have a glow to my skin. I was so happy with the results of this product and I will continue to order it. The light non oily texture allows me to use all of my regular cosmetics without that heavy layered feeling. I feel my skin looks healthier, it is smoother looking and soft to the touch.

Kathy D. 45

"I have been working out a lot at my local gym, but I always felt self conscious around the younger women who are there. After using Avotone for a few weeks, I feel less intimidated by them, and more like competition for them. "

Michelle Pate, AL.

After using Avotone for two weeks I found my skin was very smooth, soft and nearly wrinkle free. My husband says that I look like I'm 30 again! Thank you Avotone, you have a customer for life!!

Stacey age 54

I had some results from StriVectin-SD before, but the affects of Avotone wrinkle cream were amazing! I noticed a reduction in the appearance of my wrinkles after only one week. Their customer service was extremely helpful, and the product helped soften and moisturize my skin.

Janice age 34

I first tried the Avotone that my wife had ordered after getting a comment about being the old man in the office. The next morning my wife nearly dropped her makeup brush when she saw my face. I ordered my own bottle of Avotone wrinkle cream since my wife refused to give up hers.

Ron, age 38

"I tried Avotone after getting a comment about being the old man in the office. Now I get comments from everyone about how great I look, I haven't felt this good about my appearance in years!"

Peter Dubbs, DE.


Now you can purchase Avotone Muscle Relaxant Cream here online with the convenience of a major credit card or directly from your bank checking account using a bank e-check. You may also sign up for our Avotone monthly shipment program where you will receive one bottle every month on the same date of the month which you initially ordered. Using this monthly autoship program you receive a tremendous savings on your Avotone each and every month and you may easily cancel anytime online after your 2nd order. Avotone is always shipped via U.S.P.S. Priority Mail to assure that your order arrives quick and fresh. Save Every Month On Your Avotone Order With Our Monthly Autoship Program Only $69.95 + S&H! SAVE $20 PER JAR! You may easily cancel orders anytime online after your 2nd shipment.

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1 Jar of Avotone

A $90.00 Value!
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We Also Accept Avotone Orders By Telephone at: (623) 934-6882
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We Accept Avotone Orders By Telephone at: (623) 934-6882
You may also order Avotone live by speaking to a representative.

We Accept Avotone Orders By Mail:
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You must include the number of Avotone bottles ordered along with the amount for the order as indicated above along with an additional $10.00(U.S. Orders) or $29.95(Non-U.S. Orders) for shipping and handling for 1 to 3 Avotone jars ordered. Cash orders paid for with U.S. currency for 2 or more bottles receive a $5 cash discount. Please allow 2 weeks for checks to clear, orders paid for with U.S. currency, credit card and moneyorders are shipped immediately.

For optimum results use Avotone for a 30 day period.

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