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MAXODERM Connection

MAXODERM is serious but safe male enhancement

Sexual Enhancement

Couple Intimacy Enhancement Product

MAXODERM Connection ...™ is the only product on the market specifically designed to improve the sex life of both MEN and WOMEN. Whether you're looking to increase libido, maximize erection size or easily increase orgasm frequency, with MAXODERM Connection you and your partner will experience mind-blowing intimacy that will seem to last forever.

Discover Why More and More People Are Turning To MAXODERM Connection. If you are like most men and women, sexual enjoyment is an important part of your life you're looking to enhance. Since the beginning of time, man has been searching for that ultimate aphrodisiac that would make him unbelievably desirous to women, driving them wild with his ability to increase sexual pleasure and bring women orgasm after orgasm. The experts at Barmensen Laboratories created MAXODERM Connection to help men and women just like you increase your sexual pleasure and combat many of the sexual performance issues you both face today. Like MAXODERM, MAXODERM Connection is scientifically engineered to use transdermal delivery with a unique herbal blend to increase blood flow to both the penis and clitoral areas.

MAXODERM Connection Benefits

  • Increase in Sensitivity
  • Greater and Easier Orgasm
  • Helps Improve or Stop Erectile Dysfunction
  • Helps Improve or Stop Loss of Sexual Stamina

The MAXODERM Connection approach to male and female sexual intimacy is fresh and new. As stated above transdermal delivery is one of the hottest scientific breakthroughs to come in years, making oral delivery systems obsolete.

MAXODERM Connection Improves Your Sex Life

How MAXODERM Connection works for you is quite simple. Did you ever wonder why it was so easy to "get in the mood" when we were younger? It seems that everything used to excite us and the mere touch of our partner brought immediate feelings of passion. This is called your Response Factor™ (RF™) and it's the time it takes for you to become sexually aroused upon stimulation. As you age it grows longer and longer for it to happen. Every day demands because of stress, time constraints, lack of sleep, depression, anxiety, children, and lack of physical exercise all cause your Response Factor™ to decrease, thereby hampering your sex life. MAXODERM Connection will help stimulate and drastically shorten your Response Factor™ for more spontaneity in the bedroom and greater romance in your bedroom.

MAXODERM Connection uses a delicate balance of special sex enhancing ingredients to help improve you and your partner's libido and heighten your sexual response. These special ingredients go to work almost instantly once it's applied. Our AROUSAL SECRET FOR MEN AND WOMEN is a topical patent-pending formula called VasoTran Adverto™ ,which helps increase orgasm intensity and frequency. Once applied, its vasodilatation properties increase blood flow and physical sensation while its lubricating characteristics help women achieve ultimate satisfaction. For men MAXODERM Connection helps with sexual stamina and by maximizing erection length and girth. Our customers report feeling greater response and increased arousal with their very first application.

MAXODERM Connection Enhances Sexual Response

Men and women were made to sexually CONNECT! We expect and appreciate consistent and enthusiastic expressions of love and intimacy in our relationships. But, an enduring sexual CONNECTION is more than just touching, kissing and lovemaking. It is a deeply personal issue that is as much tied to self-esteem as it is to self-expression. While it is important for us to feel beautiful and appreciated, many of us are also seeking a more sensual involvement in our relationship. MAXODERM Connection helps increase sexual pleasure and passion for a more complete sexual response with our partner and a more loving and CONNECTED relationship.

How To Use MAXODERM Connection

MAXODERM Connection is very simple to use. For Women just apply a dime sized dab to the index and middle fingers and massage onto the clitoris. For Men just apply a quarter sized dab into the palm of your hand and massage onto the penis generously. MAXODERM Connection is designed to enhance sexual experience for couples during intercourse, as well as being used to increase the enjoyment during personal self-pleasuring. And most importantly, have FUN!

MAXODERM Connection Testimonials

The following are just a few of the many testimonials by men and women who have used MAXODERM Connection sexual intimacy enhancement formula!

Female Customer Testimonials

"I hate to admit it but I could never climax before. I couldn't relate to other women who spoke about how much they loved sex. Now that I've had the big "O", I can't believe I went through life not knowing what I was missing. Now it's truly easy when I use MAXODERM Connection."

Michele P. Cincinnati, OH

"I wanted to write to tell you that I think MAXODERM Connection has literally saved my marriage. My husband and I have had sexual intimacy problems for years. We were just about to give up. Since we started using your product my husband is not only incredibly appreciative that I want sex more often, but he is having the best sex of his life also! I just wish we found MAXODERM Connection sooner."

June D. Detroit, MI

"MAXODERM Connection is a sexual lifesaver. After having my two children I would dread having sex. Most of the time I made excuses to avoid it or pretend to be asleep. Since we started using MAXODERM Connection, I want it all the time! I can't believe what a difference our 'new' sex life has had on our marriage. Thank you."

Paula G. New York, NY

Male Customer Testimonials

"My wife always had trouble climaxing. Like most guys, I really wanted to please her. We tried everything, more foreplay, some herbal pills, but nothing seemed to work. Then she read an article in a work-out magazine and she ordered online. Finally our problem was solved, it was like INSTANT orgasm. After the first time we had sex with MAXODERM Connection we knew we'd never have sex without it again."

Jason P. Fairfield, CT

"I've been using MAXODERM for a while now and absolutely love what it's done for me. When I heard about MAXODERM Connection I said, 'finally you guys have come up with a product that I can actually use with my partners during SEX'. Now I can show off my recent 'gains' and drive the women wild at the same time. No man or woman should ever have sex without this product, it's that good."

Mark M. Boise, ID

"My wife and I have had to address the needs of our changing bodies as we've gotten older. In the last year or so things have really gone down hill for us sexually. It seems like one problem after another keeps coming up. Everything from vaginal dryness for her to mild Erectile Dysfunction for me has been hindering our love life. My wife hates taking pills and she wanted something that was all natural. That's why we decided to try MAXODERM Connection. And thank God we did! I'll tell you, after 30 years of marriage it's good to be back to full sexual performance."

Joseph V. Los Angeles, CA


By now you can see why MAXODERM Connection is your best value for a male and female sexual intimacy enhancement product. So what are you waiting for? Scroll down below and order now to get started on your new sexual intimacy enhancement program today!

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1 MAXODERM Connection $59.95

Special TODAY Only $59.95!

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1 MAXODERM Connection

YOU PAY ONLY $59.95!


1 MAXODERM Connection

YOU PAY ONLY $59.95!



Ordering ONLINE is the FASTEST way to get MAXODERM Connection!

We Also Accept MAXODERM Connection Orders By Telephone at: (623) 934-6882
You may also order MAXODERM Connection live by speaking to a representative.

MAXODERM Connection is shipped discreetly

Please Note:
All MAXODERM Connection orders are packed discreetly with no indication of the contents inside.

We Respect Your Privacy:
We will not sell your name to anyone.

We Accept MAXODERM Connection Orders By Telephone at: (623) 934-6882
You may also order live by speaking to a representative.

We Accept MAXODERM Connection Orders By Mail:
You may also order by mail by U.S. currency, check or moneyorder made payable to AAGP
and send it to: AAGP - Sure Romance - P.O. Box 35281 - Phoenix, AZ 85069-5281.
You must include the number of MAXODERM Connection ordered along with the amount for the order as indicated above along with an additional $10.00 for shipping and handling for each 1, 2 or 3 MAXODERM Connection ordered for U.S. orders and $29.95 for all Non-U.S. orders. Cash orders paid for with U.S. currency for 2 or more tubes receive a $5 cash discount. Please allow 2 weeks for checks to clear, orders paid for with U.S. currency, credit card and moneyorders are shipped immediately.

For long-term intimacy enhancement continue to use MAXODERM Connection as needed.

"The most romantic times of your life."

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