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Penis Enlargement Cream Oil

Since the very first male sexual enhancement formulations were in a powder form and then a pill form it made sense that the formulations would then be available in a topical cream or oil form. A few of these actually look like baby oil so are true to the oil name but most are in a cream form similiar to hand cream in color and consistency. Creams and oil have been used for many years for many purposes so we are familiar to their usage. They offer a world of conveinence with only a few drawbacks.

Penis Enlargement Cream Oil Advantages

The penis enlargement cream or oil offers some advantages over the initial powder, pill and patch forms. First off many of the all-natural male enhancement ingredients may have an unpleasant taste and/or odor to them and this problem is emliminated with the scented or unscented cream or oil form as there is either a pleasant smell or no smell at all and nothing bad to taste as you do not ingest it with the exception being MAXOLUBE. Some people also have problems swallowing pills, capsules or caplets and this is eliminated as the penis cream and penis oil is placed directly on the penis and not taken orally. If you travel often to other countries you don't have to explain why you are carrying a bottle of pills with you as the cream tube or oil bottle is very small and conveinent to transport with you. This makes for quicker movement through customs and less embarrassment as you rarely have to explain their purpose. Penis patch products are less likely to cause problems in this area also. Finally, unlike the penis pill forms, you don't have to remember to take it once or twice every day. You simply apply it to your penis every time you wish to attain an erection prior to sexual intercourse or self-gratification.

Penis Enlargement Cream Oil Disadvantages

The penis enlargement cream or oil is placed directly on the penis and therefore is considered a more short-term results product although long-term use can have long-term results as well. You must be where you can apply and leave this product on your penis for a period of time so you must have privacy for it's usage. You cannot wear it under your clothing like the penis patch as the cream or oil will stain your clothing and most likely stain through to the outside causing embarrassment in public. Keep in mind that most penis cream or penis oil formulations must be removed prior to sexual intercourse or oral sex as they would cause adverse effects for your female partner and are not ingestible. Only a few are made for both male and female pleasure and only two are safe for oral sex and only one of those is ingestible.

Penis Enlargement Cream Oil Products

Our many years of experience offering penis enlargement cream and oil formulations on the internet have allowed us to pick the very best to offer you today. Be sure to check out each following link to read about the advantages of each and you can decide which is best for you and then start on whichever one you feel is best for you. VP-RX OIL was one of the first and most successful brands in an oil cream form designed to assist men with male enhancement and has enjoyed a great amount of success in this area. MAXODERM is one of the most popular penis cream products but is only for male usage as it's too strong for female usage. It has had many satisfied, long-time and successful and repeat users. MAXODERM Connection was one of the first penis cream products that was designed for both male and female so it may be used prior to and during sexual intercourse. It cannot be used for oral sex as it's not ingestible. MAXODERM Vivaxa Cream is specifically designed to help men last longer in bed by increasing sexual stamina and delaying orgasms. Vazogel is the latest penis cream product to hit the internet and has been a great success as it was designed for both male and female and may be used both prior to and during sexual intercourse and is also designed to allow oral sex as it's edible. It has a strawberry flavoring and is ingestible so it allows for an all-around great time of sexual experiences.

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