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Penis Enlargement Patch

Since the very first male sexual enhancement formulations were in a powder form and then a pill form it made sense that when dermal patch technology was developed the penis patch would be soon to follow. Many forms of dermal patches are used today like those to help lose weight, stop smoking or for contraception purposes. Obviously the technology works and brings a world of conveinence with only a few drawbacks.

Penis Enlargement Patch Advantages

The penis enlargement patch offers many advantages over the initial powder, pill, cream and oil forms. First off many of the all-natural male enhancement ingredients may have an unpleasant taste and/or odor to them and this problem is emliminated with the patch form as there is no smell or anything to taste. Some people also have problems swallowing pills, capsules or caplets and this is eliminated as the dermal skin patch is placed on the body and not taken orally. If you travel often to other countries you don't have to explain why you are carrying a bottle of pills with you as the patch is very small and conveinent to transport with you. It makes for quicker moving through customs and less embarassment as you rarely have to explain their purpose. Penis cream or penis oil forms are less likely to cause problems in this area also. Like the pill forms, penis patches tend to be more productive when used for a longer period or for long-term consumption and their effects tend to be longer lasting or in many cases more permanent that other short-term instant reaction types like penis oil and penis cream. The patch form is also more conveinent to use as it need not be removed prior to sexual intercourse like most creams or oils. Finally, unlike the penis pill forms you don't have to remember to take it once or twice every day. You simply apply it to your body and forget about it for three days until you have to replace it with a new patch.

Penis Enlargement Patch Disadvantages

The penis enlargement patch is a dermal patch that is used for three days before it is replaced by another patch. If you exercise or sweat a lot in your occupation or daily routine then you should remove it during these periods as the patch will absorb sweat and after one or two days will begin to smell. This could cause personal embarassment and adversely affect your ability to attract the female gender and is counter productive in this area. does have a few disadvantages and we will inform you of the main ones here. Another problem can be if you shower often, and you should, or if you are an avid swimmer you will need to remove the patch prior to entering the shower or water or you will dilute the patch ingredients making it less effective. You can reapply the patch after your shower or swim and use 1" medical tape if necessary to maintain body contact. Penis pill, penis cream or penis oil forms are less likely to cause problems in this area.

Penis Enlargement Patch Products

Our many years of experience offering penis enlargement patch formulations on the internet have allowed us to pick the very best to offer you today. Be sure to check out each following link to read about the advantages of each and you can decide which is best for you and then start on whichever one you feel most comfortable using. XCEL Patch was one of the first and most successful brands in patch form designed to assist men with male enhancement and has enjoyed a great amount of success in this area. Virility Patch Rx is another one of the first patch forms designed that has had many satisfied, long-time and repeat users. Vigorgen Penis Patch has been one of our most successful penis patch products to satisfy our customers goals. MaxiDerm has been around for awhile and it too has had many satisfied, long-time and repeat users.

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